1 Overview

ShinyDataSHIELD is a non-disclosive data analysis toolbox powered by DataSHIELD with the following features:

  • Descriptive statistics: Summary, scatter plots, histograms and heatmaps of table variables.
  • Statistic models: GLM and GLMer model fittings
  • Omic analysis: GWAS, LIMMA, … using different types of resources (VCF files, PLINK, RSE, eSets)

The features available on ShinyDataSHIELD are powered by different packages of the DataSHIELD project (dsBaseClient and dsOmicsClient), it uses them in a seamless way so the final user of ShinyDataSHIELD can perform all the included studies without writing a single line of code and get all the resulting figures and tables by the click of a button.